Welcome to the website of Restaurant Aroma, the place to be for your summer vacation.
Located in the middle boulevard of El-Arsenal, surrounded by bars, the cosiness is something you can’t avoid at Aroma.
For more than 10 years, Aroma has transformed the daily freshly made products into the best hangover breakfasts, the tastiest sandwiches and delicious dinners.
With a specially flown in team of professionals behind the bar, you are also assured of the best cocktails and the most surprising shots.
Together with our enthusiastic team of waiters and promoters, we make every evening a party!

Did you know that?

We are the flunkyball champions

Drinking the fastest cocktail is at 3.33 seconds

We have the largest photo wall of the boulevard


Lovely team

Every year, we find new people who can help Aroma with making it a better restaurant then the year before. When we choose people for our restaurant, we are searching for hardworking, happy, positive and inspirational people. Also in 2022, we got a team ready who is ready to serve you!